fotografas Gediminas Trečiokas
I am a wedding photographer who had no wedding photographer on my own wedding day...
We wanted no wooden dummy poses and standard solutions that entirely did not reflect who we are.
My wedding photography career began as a sheer coincidence. But from the very beginning I knew I want my photographs to convey the mood of the event and to show people's personalities, not just "nice pictures".
Photography belongs to the most sophisticated sorts of magic. It can stop time... In mixture with another powerful magic – love, it is capable of creating a wonderful miracle!
All best!
Gediminas Trečiokas

In 2000 I graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, department of Photography and Media Arts.
I have over 20 years of experience in graphic design and post-production for high quality publications. I am proud to have "Dorling Kindersley", "IMP Publishing", "R.Paknys Publishing house", "Unseen Pictures", "Baltos lankos", "Alma Littera", "Aukso žuvys" and others among my clients.
In recent years I specialize in creative portrait photography, wedding and documentary photography.
I coach other photographers in workshops, masterclasses, individual sessions and webinars. My educational mission is to share my knowledge and stress the importance of photography psychology. The photographer's psychological relationship with the viewer, with the model and with himself through photography.
For photographers, I created a photoLUT website where I share my products designed to speed up their workflow.  +370 611 55154 gembis photography on facebookgembis photography on instagramgembis photography on mywed